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Ready to bang your brain with rhythm and knowledge
Hey, I'm Stix...

But, if you've made it here, you probably already know that. Want to know more about me?
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Rule #1: Be Awesome

What I'm Offering

What do I have to offer? I’m glad you asked. Whether you want to chat or bang,
Stix Zadindustries has something for everyone. Yes. Seriously, everyone.

Custom Drum Track

You wrote a song, but you’re not a drummer. You could use loops, but so could everyone else. Set your song apart with custom drum tracks by Stix Zadinia.

Everything Else

Advice on navigating the music biz? Thoughts on Drum technique? Steel Panther war stories? Whatever you want to chat about, I’m here for you. Let’s Talk.

Rule #2:
See Rule #1.